HGV Licence Advice

adr truckBefore you commit to any HGV or LGV driver training please read the following.

The emergence of the internet means most people today source HGV information and training online. More than 40,000 searches each month relating to commercial driver training are carried out on Google alone. As a result some companies have set themselves up “national” HGV training providers.

Nothing wrong with this you may think however the fact of the matter is, in most part these companies are simply facilitators, brokers or middlemen.

The majority of them own no training vehicles neither do they employ any instructors. People who see these “impressive websites” are given the impression that they are dealing with a national training company who will actually deliver their training. These website spends many thousands of pounds each month to be featured in the sponsored listing section on Google, as well as other major search engines.

Visit Google and type in “HGV training” as a search phrase. You will see more than 60% of companies with a sponsored listing are Brokers.

Be Careful When Considering Who Will Help You Secure Your HGV Licence

Brokers employ sales people who are commission driven and whose goal is to get the callers credit card details. In a time of austerity and high living prices it cannot be right that people, who in most part are trying to improve their lives by investing in an HGV career, are not always aware of what it is they are signing up to.

If you knew a Broker did not deliver your HGV training and that it was farmed out to a training company of which you had no choice or control over, would you still use a middleman or go direct yourself?
Brokers or middlemen will not say they won’t deliver your training. If they did then logically you would go direct and that’s a sale lost. Signing up with a Broker can mean having no choice as to where, when and with who you train.

In the last 5 years a number of HGV Brokers have gone into liquidation owing trainees and training companies hundreds of thousands of pounds.Only a couple of weeks ago we saw the demise of 1st Class Trucking, before that Qualitas, Pathway, Sterling and Clearstone to name but a few.

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Some brokers have even been prosecuted by Trading Standards over false advertising and misleading students.

Before you commit and pay for any training you must do your homework. Spending a bit of time researching initially will pay dividends in the long run.

We here at www.nolgvbrokers.co.uk created a useful hints and tips page to help those choosing to invest in HGV training.

Getting your HGV licence is an investment of time, money and your future. It’s a big ticket item costing between £900 – £2,500.

Choose and invest wisely.